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Top Nine Fun Activities to Keep Your kids Engaged Indoors

Outdoor activities always fascinate kids. The idea of exploring outdoors and seeing all these new things can keep them out of the house and occupied for hours. But it is also essential to inculcate their interest in indoor activities for various reasons. Firstly, overall learning and development experience is incomplete without indoor activities. Secondly, indoor activities keep them safer where they can’t step out and suffer an accident or be exposed to harsh weather.

If you are looking for some interesting ideas to keep your kids entertained, have a look at below mentioned activities and games:

1. Indoor camping

With small arrangements like mini tent, blanket and snacks you can give them an experience of camping. You can play board games in the tent and read them stories to keep them interested.

2. Musical chairs

Musical chairs is yet another fun game which can be played indoors. You just need few chair and music to turn your home into an indoor playground. Kids will love to play musical chair at home.

3. Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts is one of the best ways of engaging kids indoors. You can make them paint with different tools or even cut out their own stamps from potatoes, or cut and stick shapes and decorations together.

4. Hide and seek

Indoor games are incomplete without hide and seek as it one of the most favourite games of kids. Hiding behind the door, under the bed, inside the bathroom is what kids enjoy doing all the time.

5. Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt is fun for kids because you get a prize at the end. Write cues on a paper and place them at different places. Leave the cue to make a trail towards final clue.

6. Passing the parcel

Ask the kids to sit in a circle on the floor and turn on some music. Ask the kids to pass on the cushion or a soft ball. When the music stops, player holding the cushion/ball has to leave the circle.

  1. Bubbles

For the bubbles you need a plate, star and soap water for each kid. They can blow gently and create bubbles which would be a fun activity for them.

8. Touch and feel

For the activity you need different blocks, toys, vegetables and fruits. Blindfold the kids turn by turn and ask them to recognize the items.

9. Indoor basketball

For an indoor basket ball game you need a bucket and a light weight ball. Keep the bucket at a distance and ask the kids to throw the ball in bucket.

These are some interesting and safe indoor activities for kids which will keep them entertained and glued to the house when you don’t want them to be outside. Alternatively, you can also take them to your nearest indoor playgrounds to help them enjoy and relish their childhood. The indoor jungel gym playgrounds are safe and offer optimal play options for kids ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Browse the web to know more about indoor playgrounds and how they help in enhancing your kid’s skills.

Cathy Eugster is the proud owner of an indoor playground and he strives hard to offer, organise and plan engaging indoor activities for kids . He is backed by a team of professionals who are experts in introducing new games, puzzles, and interactive activities which contributes toward a child’s mental growth.