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asics asics shoes online ireland; Here are some Texas Holdem terms: Deck of cards ?? a standard deck of 52 cards, asics asics shoes online ireland 13 cards of each suit: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.  Pocket cards – The two faced down cards dealt to a player at the beginning of a each hand Connected cards – Two consecutive pocket cards Calling Station ?? A player that checks and calls a lot rather than betting or raising.  Suited cards – pocket cards when they are of the same suit Community cards ?? cards that are spread face up in the middle of the table and are common to every player still in the hand. Nuts – The best possible hand Drawing hand – A hand that needs to improve in order to win, usually to a straight or flush Showdown – The final phase after all betting has ended and players reveal their cards Button – A symbol that designates which player is the dealer on a specific hand Heads up ?? a hand which only two players are involved in Short handed game – A game with few players, usually up to 6 players Multiple pot ?? a hand with more than two players are involved in  Bankroll ?? the amount of money a player has Pot – The amount of money in the centre of the table All in – Putting all your chips into the pot Bluff – Betting or raising when you think you don’t have the best hand Odds – The probability for something to happen, usually the chances of getting a desirable card.