The Next.js Handbook

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I’ve been working with Next.js since a couple months, mostly full time on it, and it’s really an amazing tool we can use to create server-side rendered websites using React, rendering React on the server with the help of a powerful pipeline that has its base upon Node.js.

Grab it here:

102 pages, available in PDF, ePub and Mobi.

So, in the past 16 months I written 10 books. I am extremely happy because I’ve had lots of great feedback from them. I put in lots and lots of hours and late evenings into creating them, because my end goal is to make accessible and free resources for all my readers: You.

I love hearing stories of people learning a particular technology thanks to something I did. It’s really pure joy.

This is the last book I will publish during this year, 2019.

My goal for 2020 is to be as productive as this year. It’s going to be hard. I think I reached peak productivity. I never worked so hard. And this is because I love what I am doing.

So, I want to thank you for signing up to my newsletter and for deciding my ebooks are worth enough for you.

New blog posts
Now let’s talk about the new tutorials I posted on the blog. Most of them come from the new Next.js Handbook, because when I write something that long and that requires so much effort, I want to make sure I make that content as accessible as possible to everyone. And having that cut out into many little tutorials is great because you can find the thing you’re looking for, at the time you’re searching for it.

How to customize the `head` tag of your Next.js app

How to check if SSR is working in your Next.js app

How to embed a YouTube video in your site and have it responsive, so it scales down on a mobile device

How to learn React: Find out the optimal path to go from zero to being a React master

How to using the Next.js Router to detect the active link and assign a class to it, so we can style it with CSS

How prefetching works in a Next.js app

How to style React components in Next.js?

How to feed data to a Next.js component using getInitialProps

My Black Friday promo – coming soon!
As tradition, I will run a huge sale on Black Friday. November 29, 10 days from now. I will open (for just one day!) all my courses for sale, with a big discount. The JavaScript Fundamentals Course, The Node Course, The Vue Course, The Web Platform Course, The React Course!

And of course you’ll be able to access the Club, the membership program where I give you access to all those courses at a convenient price tag, with the promise that I release one new course every month.

But.. it does not end here.

It’s time to tell you about my next course.

My Next Course – out Nov 29!
My next course is going to be an Advanced React course using Next.js. That’s right, you can get familiar with Next.js (and React) using my free Handbook, which I just released, and 10 days from now I’ll open the doors to this great practical course I’m creating.

I will dive into advanced topics like

Creating an application using React from scratch
Using server-side rendering and client-side routing in armony
Building a Node REST API on top of Next.js
Connecting Next.js to a Postgres database, and read/write data to it
Implementing authentication in the simplest possible way using cookies and server sessions
Implementing payments using Stripe
Creating an admin interface for your users to manage their data
Working with – gasp! – dates
I still have to finish the course, it’s going to be a challenging 10 days to reach November 29 with all I want to do, but.. it’s worth it, because my goal – as always – is to create a great resource for you to advance in your profession and career.

And Next.js, which is an industry standard and widely used by big and small sites, with React and Node under the hood, is going to be a great way to do so.

November 29, save the date. It’s black friday, so.. big launch discount coming!

New video!
Before I leave you, let me give you the link to my new video. Last week I published a video where I walked in the snow talking about work-life balance. A lot of people liked it, and I decided to create a new video.

This time it’s different: instead of walking in the snow, I ski. (in the snow, I don’t know many other places to ski on. Maybe water ski)

In this video I talk about why I think that dogs are a great help for remote developers or in general developers working from home, solopreneurs and so on. Hope you like it (and if you do, give a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel)!

That’s it.

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